Volume X

January - December 2011

ISSN: 1684-0933

Legal deposit: 2002-3086


Submitting original manuscripts

The magazine confirms the reception of articles within 3 days. The usual submission period for original manuscripts is from May 1st to 15th. The Editorial Committee will carry out an initial review of the received articles in order to ascertain whether they comply with the minimum quality requirements and are in line with the magazine profile.


Evaluation of originals

Revista de Comunicación only publishes manuscripts that have not previously been published and which receive a favourable evaluation from two external reviewers outside Universidad de Piura, experts in the subject matter.


Download template (Plantilla Formulario de Evaluación.doc) 60 KB.


During the review period, the author and reviewers shall remain anonymous.


The journal will inform authors as to whether their original manuscript has been accepted for publication or rejected during the third week of June. The texts may be: approved as submitted, not approved or approved with minor modifications.


In the latter case, the authors have a period of three weeks to incorporate the changes. (They will send the corrected version during the second week of July). Then, the editor, along with external evaluators, will verify that the author has introduced the changes. If so, the manuscript will be accepted. If not, it will be dismissed. Authors will receive a final response during the second week of August.


Regulations governing submitted articles


All articles must be original. They can be written in Spanish or English. They must be sent by e-mail to the magazine’s editorial team: rcom@udep.pe and rosa.zeta@udep.pe. In their submission, they will indicate in which section they wish to present their text.


The author is responsible for the authorship of the manuscript in the event of conflict with previously published articles. The maximum number of authors per article is three. If the manuscript is linked to a research project in which more people have taken part, the other collaborators should be indicated in a footnote.


Revista de Comunicación recommends the citation of scientific publications from the field of journalism, audiovisual communication and advertising.




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