Volume X

January - December 2011

ISSN: 1684-0933

Legal deposit: 2002-3086


1. Contents

The following kinds of topics will be particularly appropriate for publication:


• In general, studies about the different areas of professional practice in communication: journalism, advertising, audiovisual communication, etc., as well as related topics: consumer, public opinion, right to information, new media, informative business, etc.


• Review or reply to articles or research tendencies published previously -in this or other publications-, with substantial input and extension.


• Exploratory or descriptive articles that establish new fields for research, or highlight important issues that can be treated in future studies.


• Studies that identify problems and give solutions to various issues related to the development of the profession, with emphasis on those occurring in our environment.


• Theoretical or conceptual articles that introduce new perspectives, explanations or viewpoints regarding an issue referred to communication.


• Papers that provide a unified presentation of literature, research or tedencies of some aspect of communication, that help to identify gaps in knowledge, synthesize previously scattered work and integrate various disciplines on a common theme and interest for communication.



2. Authors

2.1. Submitting original manuscripts


The magazine confirms the reception of articles within 3 days.


The usual submission period for original manuscripts is from May 1st to 15th.


The Editorial Committee will carry out an initial review of the received articles in order to ascertain whether they comply with the minimum quality requirements and are in line with the magazine profile.


2.2. Evaluation of originals


Revista de Comunicación only publishes manuscripts that have not previously been published and wich receive a favourable evaluation from two external reviewers outside Universidad de Piura, experts in the subject matter.


Download template (Plantilla Informe Revisión.doc) 36KB.


During the review period, the author and reviewers shall remain anonymous.


If the two evaluations received about an original manuscript contradict one another, Revista de Comunicación will turn to a third external reviewer.


The journal will inform authors as to whether their original manuscript has been accepted for publication or rejected during the third week of June. As well as the notification of this decision, authors will be sent the anonymous reports provided by the external reviewers.


Authors whose articles have received a favourable report but with certain suggestions regarding corrections must resubmit the manuscript to Revista de Comunicación, having incorporated the suggested improvements,within three weeks.


2.3. Regulations governing submitted articles


All articles must be original. They can be written in Spanish or English. They must be sent by e-mail to the journal's editorial team: rcom@udep.pe and rosa.zeta@udep.pe.


The author is responsible for the authorship of the manuscript in the event of conflict with previously published articles. The maximum number of authors per article is three. If the manuscript is linked to a research project in which more people have taken part, the other collaborators should be indicated in a footnote.


Revista de Comunicación recommends the citation of scientific publications from the field of journalism, audiovisual communication and advertising.



3. Sections

The Journal has three sections:


• Research Papers: Academic research articles that allow a more conceptual information management, more complex methodologies, revisions or replies to theories.


• Working Papers: Academic divulgation articles, aimed at identifying problems in the profession and their possible solutions, as well as studies which introduce new fields of work, etc.


• Book Reviews.



4. Style

Those interested in publishing must respect the proposed rules at Revista de Comunicación's Style Guidelines.


See Style Guidelines


5. Editorial Panel

Editorial Team

Rosa Zeta de Pozo, Universidad de Piura (Peru)

Susana Herrera Damas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

Andres Garay Albujar, Universidad de Piura (Peru)


Editorial Board

- Juan de los Angeles, Universidad de Navarra (Spain)

- María Ignacia Errázuriz, Universidad de los Andes (Chile)

- Isabel Gálvez Arévalo, Universidad de Piura (Peru)

- Eileen Hudson, Universidad de Montevideo (Uruguay)

- George Kennedy, Missouri School of Journalism. Columbia. (USA)

- Rachel Kennedy, University of South Australia (Australia)

- Jerry Kliatchko, University of Asia and the Pacific (Philippines)

- María Teresa Laporte, Universidad de Navarra (Spain)

- María Luisa Portugal, Universidad de Piura (Peru)

- María Soledad Puente, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile)

- José Luis Requejo, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid (Spain)

- Mela Salazar, Universidad de Piura (Peru)

- Karen Sanders, IESE Business School, Madrid. (Spain)

- Alfonso Sánchez Tabernero Universidad de Navarra (Spain)

- Lizardo Vargas, Universidad de Piura (Peru)



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